Racing driver Darren Turner and some of his race cars


Darren Turner's Media Galleries

The Darren Turner archives are in the process of being scanned, edited, uploaded, etc.

Darren has always been a "car guy", and this Triumph TR6 is one of many different cars he's owned through the years.
Darren and Margo enjoying summer in the TR6 convertible
Darren and wife Margo Turner enjoying a summer drive in their Triumph TR6 convertible.

Darren also raced selected events in the Legends Cars series too - racing at Agassiz, Penticton and Calgary.
Darren Turner in the Penticton Speedway pits with the Rent a Wreck sponsored Legends Series race car
This particular car was reportedly bought by someone in Washington state, and then sold on & shipped off to Germany.


Below: This video is not Darren ice racing, although it is an "All Chevette" ice race, a class Darren did exceptionally well at racing in British Columbia. The race in this video is a (typical) 10 minute timed event that was held at Lac La Biche in Alberta in 2005. This is a "rubber to ice" racing class, meaning no studs in the tires. These cars in this race are using Bridgestone Blizzak winter radials, a street tire anyone can buy - no exotic special ice racing tires. The driver in this video does a great job of maintaining his momentum avoiding mistakes.



 Here's the formula:
 - conserve momentum
 - make fewer mistakes than other drivers
 - conserve momentum
 - be in the right place to gain from other driver's mistakes
 - conserve momentum
 - continually adapt to changing track conditions
 Sounds easy, right? You go do it.