Racing driver Darren Turner and some of his race cars


                           The Turner Racing 2001 Season

As the CASCAR Monte Carlo looked the day we received it.

The 2001 McColl chassis and Chevrolet Monte Carlo body as it rolled off the truck from Ontario. HUGE effort still required to
get to a "race ready" state. The chassis was completed just enough that wheels & tires could be bolted on.

Just off the truck rear view of 2001 McColl Monte Carlo
Rear quarter view. The work to go from this to a race-ready car is huge.

Trimming, sanding and smoothing the fiberglass
Trimming and sanding the rough edges of the fiberglass bodywork.

Lots of work required to make this a race ready car!
This is what it looked like with the fiberglass body lifted off. White dust is fiberglass from drilling, cutting & sanding the body to
fit correctly. Crew Chief Roy Cobden doesn't enjoy working with fiberglass!

drivers side rear suspension detail
Empty battery tray in front of dry-sump system oil tank (only bottom half of tank visible). Rear end is a 9" Ford housing.

A first look at the new McColl Chevrolet Monte Carlo with a fesh paint job
The freshly painted fiberglass body shell sitting on the chassis. It was just hanging there, not even properly attached. The
McColl chassis still pretty much bare - i.e. no electrical system, no brakes, no power train... nothing a few hundred man-hours
and a bunch more parts & accessories couldn't turn into a state-of-the-art CASCAR Late Model.